Man's recovery after being run over by car 'is nothing short of a miracle'

Man run over by his own car still in critical condition
(Source: James Libby)
(Source: James Libby)
(Source: James Libby)
(Source: James Libby)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - After spending the last three days in and out of surgery, the condition of a man run over by his own car has been upgraded from critical to stable. Paul Pattison's family says his recovery "is nothing short of a miracle."

His family says in the next couple of days, Pattison will make the move to a private room but his road to recovery is still going to be a long one. Pattison's long time friend, James Libby, says his friend is almost "completely deaf and is most likely going to have memory issues."

Monday, Pattison was trying to jump start his stalled car on Orangeburg Road when his vehicle rolled over him and into a roadside ditch.

"I was mortified," says Libby. "I was terrified for him and for his kids."

The moment Libby got the call his friend of 25 years had been in an accident, he dropped everything to be by his side at the hospital.

"He was hooked up to a lot of machinery, he was obviously hurting," says Libby. "I'd like to think that he knew I was there. They had him doped up pretty good on medication so he wasn't talking."

But South Carolina State troopers along with Pattison's three young sons, who were in the car when it drove over their father's body, were able to tell Libby what happened Sunday afternoon.

"Paul had broken down, his jeep stalled out on him," says Libby. "I think he was concerned his vehicle was broken down in the middle of the road and he was trying to get it out of the road as quickly possible.

He had to get up underneath it and start it with a screwdriver by touching the solenoid's together and just that split second he didn't put it back in park from drive," says the man's friend.

The action is something Libby says Pattison has done a hundred times before but this time he was in a rush.

"Unfortunately the vehicle ran over his chest and head area," says Libby. "He has some brain trauma."

After the car rolled over Pattison, Libby says it went off the road and into a ditch. The man says it's wheels stopped rotating when his oldest son, 11, jumped into the front seat and put it into park.

Libby says an off duty EMS worker was behind Pattison's car at the time of the accident. He believes without his help and the airlift to the hospital, his friend would have died on Orangeburg Road.

"It's a tragedy," says Libby. "It's just terrible what's happened to him and his family over this. They really need the help and prayers of all the people around here to help Paul get through this."

Libby has setup a trust fund for Pattison's wife and three sons at Suntrust under the name Jessica Cox. The children's schools are also putting together fundraiser's for the family during Pattison's long recovery window.

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