Firearm sales explode as government aims for gun control

Gun sales exploding
Published: Dec. 21, 2012 at 4:36 AM EST|Updated: Dec. 21, 2012 at 5:35 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The phone hasn't stopped ringing and the door can't stay closed. The owner at Trader World Gun & Range off Cross County Road says business has been booming recently for all the wrong reasons.

"We didn't eat lunch for the last three days," said owner Bill Dukes. "It was that many people in my store."

Dukes the owner of anytime the government talks about firearms people do get scared and get worried

"My showcases are empty," said the owner. "We've sold so many firearms it's unbelievable."

Hundreds of people have been pulling the trigger on buying handguns and assault rifles. On Friday, Dukes said his wall was full of weapons. Now only three rifles remain.

"This is the emptiest I've ever seen it," said shop regular Robert Sutter. "It looks like a going out of business sale."

The bare wall mounts didn't surprise Sutter. He says he's been all over Charleston looking for a Ruger SR22 pistol.

"They're all sold out, everywhere," said Sutter. "A lot of people are worried they're not going to be able to get guns in the future. The Government is basically going to take them away. A lot of people are just scared."

Dukes says gun sales are up 30 to 40 percent in his store compared to last year at this time. But soon Dukes says they may be all out of ammo.

"My distributors have nothing left in stock, they have sold almost everything the people want and there is nothing left," said the store owner. "I'm a grocery store with no groceries."

Dukes says people's uncertainty and rush to buy weaponry is because of the federal government and how, and if, they decide to aim to change gun control in the near future.

"They're worried about the economy collapsing," said Dukes. "They're worried about the future... or are they going to double in price? Who knows what the future holds."

President Obama has tasked Vice President Joe Biden with finding concrete solutions to gun control in the country by January.

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