Overturned school bus, driver cited

Overturned school bus, driver charged
Source: Ray Creede
Source: Ray Creede
The truck which crashed into the bus.
The truck which crashed into the bus.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say the driver of the school bus which overturned Friday morning in West Ashley after colliding with a heavy-duty pickup will be cited for failing to yield the right of way.

Christian Antich, a student on the bus said, "It all kind of just happened so quickly."

8 students of Saint Andrews Middle School took a bus ride they won't soon forget.

"We were riding on the bus just talking and we heard a bang. I thought we ran into a tree then it got much worse with people falling on top of me," said Antich, "stuff was falling, the whole front windshield of the bus was shattered out."

Traffic was rerouted around the scene of the accident. Antich was able to walk away from the crash without any major injuries, but some students had to go the hospital to be checked out.

According to Jason Sakran, spokesman for the Charleston County School District, only four students were hospitalized, and added that all affected parents have been notified.

Linda McCoy Brown has lived at the intersection of Dolsey and Dupont Road for more than 20 years. The bang from the accident was an all too familiar sound.

"I just knew there was an accident and when I came out of my back door, I saw the bus flipped over on the side and children crying," said Brown.

Brown said accidents happen in front of her house way too often.

"This is the worst one but its not the first one," said Brown.

Right now the intersection is a 2 way stop but Brown would like to see it changed to a 4 way stop with speed bumps.

Brown said, "I'm hoping that they don't wait until somebody dies because if that's one bus, who's to say what's next."

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