'Boastful bandit' says Mt. Pleasant cops 'lucky to be alive'

'Boastful bandit' says cops lucky to be alive

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An ex-convict accused of robbing a bank in Mt. Pleasant says the officers who arrested him are lucky to be alive.

Craig Ozarowski was arrested at a Holiday Inn Express he was staying at last week after a robbery at the Sun Trust Bank next door on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard.

On Wednesday, he told Live 5 Anchor Raphael James that Mt. Pleasant police "got lucky."

"They got lucky.  They don't know how lucky they were.  If I'd have had weapons on me, we'd all have been dead out there," he ranted.

Police said they found an air-soft pistol in Ozarowski's room shortly after arresting him in the lobby.  Police also said Ozarowski intimated he had left explosives in the building, but nothing was found during a subsequent search by an explosives unit.

Ozarowski, originally from New Jersey, was known in the media as the "boastful bandit" when he was sentenced to prison several years ago for a number of armed robberies.

However, he refused to talk about his latest charges, although police have said he already confessed. Ozarowski said the only reason he was in the Charleston area is because he heard through the grapevine that New Jersey police were wanting to put him away on more robbery charges, so he ran.

"Just got done doing 33 years," Ozarowski said, "Soon as I got out, heard I was wanted again."

Ozarowski's bond has been set at $600,000.  He is being held in the Charleston County Detention Center.

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