Colbert Busch opens up about politics and her differences with the President

Colbert Busch opens up about politics and her differences with the President

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a political newcomer, is taking an ambitious first step.

"I am a very independent, very tough business woman. I understand how good life can be, and I also understand how difficult life can be."

Twenty-five years of that spent in business, and it's those skills she believes will do well in Washington.

She says her top priority would be to get a handle on the nation's $16.8 trillion deficit.

"There are 3100 data centers for 12 agencies. There's a lot of duplicative work going on there. We have to look at these things because if you can look at your cost efficiencies, that's going to help with your fiscal spending."

Tuesday, the President released his budget for the 2014 fiscal year, which includes cuts to medicare and social security. Colbert Busch says she doesn't agree.

"Once we know what out budget is, we know what our costs are, then we look at other things, but until we do that, we can't do this to our seniors."

And she says she agrees with parts of the Affordable Care Act like coverage for pre-existing conditions, but she says the law needs to be more transparent.

"Until Obamacare can tell us exactly how they're going to role it out well and how it's going to role out smoothly, we can't put this on the back of our constituents."

As far as her baby brother, star comedian Stephen Colbert goes, she says he has guided through the campaign. She says the super PAC he formed in 2011 was long before she decided to run.

"Was he aware of your political aspirations at that time? No, he was not. He had no idea. He did that before I even considered this. I think he even did that before Senator DeMint decided to leave."

The special election is May 7th.