Bear gets stuck in truck

TRUCKEE, CA (KOVR/CNN) - A bear managed to get inside a man's truck, but couldn't figure out how to get out.

After a neighbor gave him a heads up, the truck's owner decided to play the part of cub reporter and captured the trapped bear on camera.

It's a sight Evan Nielsen had to rewatch again and again to believe, even though he recorded the video - a black bear, making itself comfortable in his truck, after somehow opening the door and hopping in.

"Honestly I thought he was a beautiful animal," Nielsen said. "I was looking at it. I was pretty mesmerized by the whole thing."

At one point, it seems like he even waves to the camera, but it's clear the bear wants out.

"At one point, he had both hands up on the steering wheel, was honking the horn with his snout," Nielsen said. "It was pretty amazing for awhile."

In this snapshot, it looks like the bear was hoping to drive away, and very quickly, Nielsen knew he had to get this guy out, because in bear versus truck, the vehicle wasn't holding up too well.

"Destroyed the back seat, this is where probably the majority of the damage is," Nielsen called the Truckee police.

"The officer just opened the door, all the way to the deck railing, so it was a nice, tight shoot, the bear crawled out," he said.

The bear headed back to his hiding spot without hurting anyone.

Why did the bear end up in Nielsen's truck? Well he thinks it may have something to do with a cup filled with tea left it in his other car. The windows were down, the bear got in, drank the tea and went over to Nielsen's truck, probably looking for more.

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