Airline: Flight diverted to Charleston over 'misunderstanding'

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Officials with Southwest Airlines said the plane that made an emergency landing at Charleston International Airport did so following a misunderstanding between a flight attendant and a passenger.

According to the official, the passenger refused to "properly store luggage on the plane," so the plane made the stop.

The passenger was removed and is expected to head out of town on another Southwest flight Wednesday.

Earlier, the Charleston County Aviation Authority said the aircraft declared an emergency because three passengers on board were disruptive, unruly and failed to listen to the flight crew. 

Aviation Authority Police Officers, the FBI and Homeland Security Federal Air Marshal Service all responded to the scene.

The aviation authority said three passengers were removed from the plane and the flight continued just after midnight.

The Southwest flight was traveling with 134 passengers and 5 crew members from Orlando, Florida to Providence, Rhode Island.

No one was hurt.  FBI officials said no threats were made and no one was arrested.

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