Local non-profit helping single moms finish school

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Single moms getting the chance to go back to school with the help of Maia Moms, a local non-profit group. They held a fundraiser Sunday afternoon in hopes of helping more mothers.

Allison Herrin, founder of Maia Moms said, "We really think that every mom has the potential to be a great mom."

The organization was created to help single moms continue their education and better their overall lifestyle.

Herrin said, "Our goal is to help them reach self sufficiency, provide job training and help them get an education."

Money from the fundraiser will help Maia Moms reach their goal. The organization covers the rent payment for a mother in their program so she could focus solely on parenting while finishing school.

"We also believe you get one shot at parenting your kids and we don't want them to sacrifice that while getting an education," said Herrin.

The program is free, but mothers who qualify must take parenting and budgeting classes along with life skills training.

Britta Knudson is hoping to start the Maia Moms program soon. She wants to go to Trident Tech to become a paralegal. Knudson says furthering her education would put her in a better financial situation.

"I'll be able to afford to actually pay for my own childcare instead of going, oh can somebody watch my son. I can't pay you, but can you do this for me today or relaying on the government to help me with childcare. I don't want to have to depend on anybody else," said Knudson.

Right now Knudson has to choose between paying the bills or finishing school. All that while raising a child with special needs. Maia Moms will help take a few things off her plate.

Knudson said, "It means a lot to just be able to get my education again."

To find out more about Maia Moms visit their website at Maiamoms.org.

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