Man says he was almost hit by police chase suspect

Man says he was almost hit by police chase suspect

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The suspect accused of leading North Charleston Police on a chase to West Ashley Tuesday afternoon apparently almost hit a man who was waiting to make a deposit at a bank drive through.

Nick Vaughan said he was on the phone with a customer when he saw a bunch of police cars coming towards the bank.

Vaughan thought the bank was being robbed, so he put the phone down.

"Right through the grass a white Kia car comes flying through the grass within about three feet of the front of my Tahoe," Vaughan recalled.

Then Vaughn said he got a close up look at the suspect, 52 year old Peter Jenkins.

"I looked at the guy face to face, probably within about 15 feet. He looked at me, I looked at him and following him was about five or six police cars."

Benjamin Jones says he was getting ready to eat at a restaurant on Highway 61 when he heard sirens..

Jones saw some cop cars and thought it was an escort for either a funeral or a VIP.

"All of a sudden there are 20 police parked like in the middle of the road just everywhere," Jones recalled.

Jones pulled out his cell phone and started shooting video.

"They came so close to all those cars, but they kept everything under control and didn't hit anything. It was unbelievable. It seemed impossible. The police were staying away from him, so I figured he could have been dangerous."

Both men were glad to hear Jenkins was caught without anyone getting hurt.

"Crazy day, you know? I'm glad they got him ultimately. That's the good news," Vaughan said.

According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Jenkins has a long criminal record and has served lots of prison time.

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