Charleston County Mosquito Control works overtime to fight pests

Charleston County Mosquito Control works overtime to fight pests

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - "That thing breeds pretty good," said Randy Miller with Charleston County Mosquito Control talking about the center of an old, dead tree stump.

It's holding water and mosquito larva. Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, the mosquito control unit can easily find and destroy them.

"We are working just about around the clock, evenings, nights and weekends to minimize the amount of mosquitoes that are out there," said Edwin Harne, at taxonomist with Charleston County.

The mosquito control unit targets areas that have  standing water.

"What exactly are you looking for, " I said.

"Mosquito larvae, " says Miller as he shows me a sample. "These would be the larvae and what my crew does is they go out and treat for the larvae. It's a lot easier to get them in the larva stage."

In West Ashley, the mosquito control unit is treating for fresh water mosquitoes. But, in areas in Mount Pleasant and near beaches, their job gets tougher.

"Some times we will go out there and we will find balls of mosquito larvae," said Miller. "We've got to be aware of snakes, bees, wasps, spiders and snakes. Any type of things you would see out in the wild we run into."

Edwin Harne said staying proactive is the key to keeping mosquitoes under control and preventing them from spreading diseases like West Nile virus, Dog-Heartworm or Malaria.

"There are several other diseases that we just don't see because we have mosquito control and a public health system here in South Carolina," Miller said.

You can help fight mosquitoes by keeping the grass cut around your home and emptying and rinsing out things like tires, or flower pots that are likely to let water collect in them. Authorities also ask that you contact them if you think you have a mosquito problem in your area at (843) 202-7886.

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