Report: Motorcyclist's YouTube videos land him behind bars

Report: Motorcyclist's YouTube videos land him behind bars
Tyler Denniston (Source: Goose Creek Police Department)
Tyler Denniston (Source: Goose Creek Police Department)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a Goose Creek man's YouTube videos showing him driving erratically on his motorcycle has landed him behind bars.

The Goose Creek Police Department has charged 22-year-old Tyler Martin Denniston with two counts of reckless driving. Denniston surrendered to police on Wednesday and was transported to the Hill Finklea Detention Center.

The latest incident happened on June 21, when a Goose Creek Police officer spotted a motorcycle "popping a wheelie" on Red Bank Road. The officer said he captured video of the vehicle using his dash camera.

The officer further investigated the incident and found a YouTube video labeled "Who Stops for Goose Creek City Police" posted by Denniston using the name "Tyler D."

Authorities say in the video, Denniston captured video of himself  "popping a wheelie" and antagonizing drivers in one lane while he was on the other lane.

A caption in the video can be seen stating "These kids thought they were cool" and shortly after, the video slows down and a Goose Creek Police vehicle can be seen slowing down, applying brakes and turning on the left turn signal.

A text in the video then pops up saying,"Uh oh...I think he wants to turn around on me. Decisions decisions!"

At one point in the video, investigators say you can see the motorcycle's speedometer at 100 mph and 118 mph. A Goose Creek Police Department officer identified the patrol car seen in the video as his and identified the motorcycle.

The second incident Denniston is charged with happened on the evening of May 17 when emergency dispatchers received a call in reference to a subject driving recklessly on a white and blue motorcycle.

According to investigators, Denniston captured the incident on his helmet camera and posted it on YouTube again using the name "Tyler D" and named the video "Road Rage in Goose Creek." Police say the video shows Denniston riding his motorcycle on Red Bank Road in front of Splash and Dash car wash where a white vehicle drives by and something is heard.

A police report states Denniston then drives up between two vehicles and an argument starts between Denniston and a woman inside the white vehicle.

Authorities say Denniston then moves away from the vehicle and says "You're going on YouTube."

According to police, while traffic was stopped, Denniston parked his motorcycle behind the women's vehicle and loudly revved up his motor. Once traffic began to move, Denniston took off between vehicles using a maneuver known as "lane-splitting."

Authorities say Denniston also performed an illegal lane change at an intersection before accelerating rapidly. Police report that Denniston then got onto St. James Avenue where he accelerated rapidly, passing five vehicles at a high rate of speed.

Some time later, authorities say Denniston was stopped and interviewed by a North Charleston Police officer.

The Goose Creek Police Department says a two part video on YouTube posted by Denniston and labeled "North Charleston Police part 1 and part 2" showed Denniston admitting to the altercation and placing him at the scene.

Authorities say the video showed the North Charleston Police officer identifying the motorcyclist as Tyler Martin Denniston.

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