Rally for Trayvon Martin: Demonstrators say they have lost faith in the justice system

Rally for Trayvon Martin: Demonstrators say they have lost faith in the justice system

Monday night's demonstration in support of Trayvon Martin was one of many across the country, from Boston to Kansas to Los Angeles, as people react to the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

J. Denise Cromwell has supported Trayvon Martin for months. She was at one of the first rallies in Sanford, Florida last year. She says she was devastated by the not guilty verdict.

"I knew at the tone of that, just the hearing of that verdict, I knew immediately that justice is at war with injustice."

Pastor and activist Thomas Dixon was at the helm of tonight's vigil in Marion Square, one of many across the country since Saturday.

"There is no equal system within the same system that we live in, work in, pay taxes in, have children in, go to school in, there is no justice. There's a disparity, and we are on the losing end of it."

People carried these signs and some wore t-shirts in honor of Trayvon Martin. Fourteen-year-old Ayanna Brown expressed herself through a sketch that has become an iconic symbol Martin.

"Whenever something is significant or it means something to me, I have to put it down, and Trayvon Martin, this is a bump in the road, and I felt he was really important to draw."

There were many parents in the crowd as well. We spoke with a father of two sons, not much younger than Martin, who says this case turned into many teaching moments.

"I just try to teach them just to do the right thing, but sometimes even that doesn't help the situation because perception is a big deal because even if you're not doing anything, the way people perceive you has a lot to do with how they're going to treat you," says Demeail Seabrook.

The Charleston chapter of the NAACP is expected to issue a formal statement in response to the verdict Tuesday morning.