Student alleges sexual misconduct by former CofC professor

Enrique Graf. (Source:
Enrique Graf. (Source:

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A tenured piano professor at the College of Charleston submitted his resignation last month amid an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct with a student, officials say.

According to a letter from College of Charleston President George Benson, a current student filed a complaint against Enrique Graf in January 2013 alleging sexual misconduct by the pianist. Graf was placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of an investigation.

Benson said an investigation uncovered a list of policy violations committed by Graf, including the College's "Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment and Abuse", the "Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy", the "Code of Professional Conduct", and the "Statement of Professional Ethics."

According to an investigation report, the sexual misconduct happened throughout the student's time at the college between spring 2008 and summer 2012. The alleged incidents range from inappropriate touching by Graf, to inviting the student over for drinks and marijuana, to oral sex.

The report states while on a school trip to Paris, Graf shared a single bed hotel room with the victim. According to the student, Graf played pornographic videos in the room, and told the student "it was normal for guys to watch porn together."

One night while on the trip, the report states the victim woke up while Graf was performing oral sex on him. It goes on to report Graf asked the student to do the same to him, to which the student agreed because he was "scared and did not know how to react.

These alleged incidents continued while on a trip to Carnegie Mellon University during the victim's senior year, according to the report. Graf once taught at the university.

The victim told investigators his consent to Graf's advances was not true consent, because he did so out coercion, fear, and naivety.

The victim also alleges Graf would provide incentives to get him to stay at the college for graduate studies, such as an assistantship, CD recording, and a recital in Uruguay.

Investigators say Graf denied all allegations of sexual misconduct made by the student. While he confirmed the two did go on trips together, Graf claimed there were never any sexual advances of any kind.

Graf told investigators the student may have filed the allegations as a way to make money, or because the victim was mad at him for a previous incident. According to the report, when the victim was upset about a break up, Graf said he told the victim's ex-girlfriend he broke up with her so he could see other girls. Word got back to the student, which made him upset.

Investigators say allegations of sexual assault were also made by a former student of Graf's while the two were in Baltimore, Maryland. The victim says he was 13 to 19 years old during the incidents.

The allegations in the report, much like the ones made by the College of Charleston student, included inappropriate touching, oral sex, and other instances of sexual misconduct.

Investigators say Graf denied these allegations as well.

Investigators concluded the two victims did not have ulterior motives in making their claims, while witness testimony contradicted some of Graf's statements, and Graf was found to have made sexual advances with the victims.

It was also discovered during the investigation Graf was accused of sexual harassment by another person in the 1983 and again in 1994, according to a letter from the college's Provost, George W. Hynd.

In a letter to Graf from Hynd, Graf was suspended without pay and barred from campus on March 27 as a result of the investigation.

According to Benson, Graf appealed the suspension, but later withdrew the appeal and resigned. His resignation was made official on June 4.

Benson says the college has offered academic advising and support to Graf's current students throughout the investigation.

Graf began working at the College of Charleston in 1989 as a visiting professor, according to College of Charleston Public Information Officer Michael Robertson.

A committee has been formed to review the college's policies regarding sexual harassment and misconduct, according to Benson's letter. The committee will work to provide recommendations, as well as program prevention and response improvements.

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