Suit claims storage rental facility ruined rock & roll memorabilia

Suit claims storage rental facility ruined rock & roll memorabilia

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A West Ashley man has filed a lawsuit against a storage rental business, claiming the facility ruined hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rock and roll memorabilia.

The plaintiff, Rob Kasino, sued Stockade Storage on Savannah Highway last month.

Kasino says what was supposed to be a climate controlled unit wasn't, causing his valuable collection to get moldy.

"They assured me 'a' that it was climate controlled, and 'b' my things would be secure there."

Kasino says in February he went to check on his musical memorabilia collection and hit a sour note.

"The things that were already in there were already ruined," he said.

Kasino claims the damage was caused by moisture that got into the unit, ruining valuable show posters that are fifty years old.

"It's mold, it's water, and if you dip a poster in water that's 50 years old, what do you think is going to happen to it?" Kasino said. "Frankie Lymon says big girls don't cry, but this big boy is crying, that's for sure."

Kasino said the business told him they would fix the problem, but never did, and stopped returning his phone calls.

So he hired an attorney and filed suit.

"I have no choice but to take them to court. I can't afford to pay for all this," he said.

We went to the business to get a comment, and we were told to call their regional manager.

The regional manager told us he had heard about the lawsuit, but said we would need to speak with their corporate office and to call back in half an hour. No one has answered the calls we have made since then.

Kasino says no matter the outcome of his case, he may only be left with memories instead of memorabilia.

"You can't go back in time and put this back together again," he said.

So what are your rights when you rent a storage unit?

We spoke with Mt. Pleasant attorney Lad Howell, who is not connected to Rob Kasino's case. Howell says when you sign a contract with a storage business, the terms are not negotiable, and you must sign the contract or cannot rent the unit.

Howell says in Kasino's case, the contract does not eliminate his right to sue the business.

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