Reconciliation goal of bishop in SC church schism

Bishop Charles vonRosenberg (Source:
Bishop Charles vonRosenberg (Source:

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Bishop Charles vonRosenberg came out of retirement to serve as bishop for Episcopal churches in eastern South Carolina remaining with the national church. He tells The Associated Press that he regrets what a recent schism has done to the church and individuals but says he has no personal regrets.

The conservative Diocese of South Carolina last year separated from the more liberal national Episcopal Church over a variety of issues, including the authority of Scripture and ordination of gays.

The 22 parishes and seven worship groups remaining with the national church are re-forming a new diocese.

VonRosenberg says he's taking the long view and his goal is reconciliation. He says the door is open and he's hoping and praying for the return of those who have left the national church.

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