Woman targeted in alleged murder-for-hire plot thankful to be alive

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Nancy Latham said it was "absolutely heartbreaking" to see her estranged husband, 50-year-old Chris Latham, in federal court facing charges that he plotted with others to kill her.

"Seeing the man that l lived with and loved for so long come in shackled, it was heartbreaking," Latham said on Wednesday."It was absolutely heartbreaking."

Chris Latham is still in jail after pleading not guilty to conspiracy charges in federal court in Charleston. Latham was arrested Wednesday while on vacation in the Upstate. Latham, a former banker, is one of four people charged in the plot to kill Nancy Latham.

Nancy Latham says she's relieved her estranged husband is in jail. Federal agents say the murder-for-hire plot was orchestrated in part by Christ Latham.

Nancy says she has been living in fear since she learned of the plot, and had to go underground.

"Extremely stressful, very stressful for the children," Nancy Latham said."We essentially were in hiding for close to two months and even now, I'm trying to get our lives back. It's incredibly difficult. Even when we're relaxed, we're still out in public, we always look over our shoulder. We have to be cautious, people who are approaching us."

Chris Latham is one of four people charged in the murder for hire plot. The other suspects include Chris Latham's girlfriend, Wendy Moore. A fifth suspect, Samuel Yenawine, hanged himself in jail.

"It's a strange thing. When people say to us once he's arrested, 'It will be over,' because the truth of it is, it's really just starting," Nancy Latham said."Once we hear those details, I'm sure while it will bring some relief, it's also going to bring a lot of the hurtful feelings to the surface."

Nancy Latham is thankful for the job done by federal agents and prosecutors, and also thankful to be alive after apparently being targeted for murder.

"While we are relieved that my husband is being brought to task for any involvement that he had in it, it's still very, very difficult to imagine that somebody that you had been married to for 24 years would do something like this," Latham said.

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