Kimpson, Washington come out on top in primary

Emmanuel Ferguson and Herbert Fielding (Provided)
Emmanuel Ferguson and Herbert Fielding (Provided)
Margaret Rush and Bob Thompson (Provided)
Margaret Rush and Bob Thompson (Provided)
Billy Shuman and Alex Thornton (Provided)
Billy Shuman and Alex Thornton (Provided)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC/AP) - Marlon Kimpson and Maurice Washington are headed for a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat once held by longtime state Sen. Robert Ford.

Kimpson and Washington will face each other in a runoff in two weeks.

Both candidates say during their weeks of campaigning the two issues that stood out among their constituents were jobs and education.

"I think that people are concerned, and they want to make sure public education is a priority in this state," said Kimpson. "I am fundamentally opposed to taking public money and giving it to private schools in the form of vouchers."

"We welcome companies like Boeing into Senate District 42, but with 1.2 billion in incentives they have to perform better in terms of making sure that a majority or, at least, a respectable number of people from Senate District 42 are in fact employed at Boeing," said Washington.

Emmanuel Ferguson, Herbert Fielding, Margaret Rush and Bob Thompson also sought the party's nomination in the Senate District 42 special primary.


Emmanuel Ferguson
 5  330 6.9%
Herbert S. Fielding
 285 5.9%
Marlon Kimpson RUNOFF
 28  2,128 44.4%
Margaret Rush
 6  980 20.5%
Bob Thompson
 0  28 0.6%
Maurice Washington RUNOFF
21.7 %

There is no GOP primary. Billy Shuman is the only Republican to announce for the seat in the strongly Democratic district.  An eighth candidate, Alex Thornton, is running on the Libertarian ticket.

The General Election is Oct. 1.

Ford left the state Senate earlier this year, citing health reasons. At the time, Ford was the object of an ethics probe by the state Senate Ethics Committee.  He was accused of using campaign donations for personal expenses and failing to report numerous expenses, donations and personal loans.

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