Lowcountry officials fire back at NYC mayor in gun law controversy

Lowcountry officials fire back at NYC mayor in gun law controversy

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry lawmaker and sheriff fired a verbal shot back at New York City Wednesday afternoon after Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed South Carolina's gun laws for illegal weapons that were smuggled into the Big Apple.

New York City officials recently seized more than 250 illegal firearms.

Bloomberg says many of those guns came from South Carolina.

He blasted the Palmetto State in the New York Daily News.

Bloomberg believes our state's gun laws are too weak and allow any crook to get one and take it up north.

Charleston county state representative Peter McCoy says Bloomberg should worry about his own backyard.

"It's a blame shift. You cannot hold guns accountable for any sort of crime. You have to hold the actual criminal accountable for any particular crime," McCoy said.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon says it's not our state's gun laws that are the problem, but rather the criminals who are getting their hands on guns that are stolen.

"More restrictive gun laws in my opinion is not the answer to why people are continuing to resort to violence to address everyday problems and issues," said Cannon.

Governor Nikki Haley also chimed in on the gun law battle between the states.

"We are a strong second amendment state. We love the fact that people can protect themselves. We're not gonna do anything to change that," said Haley.

The sheriff says the New York City mayor is firing blanks in this gun law blame game.

"It's some bullying in effect. When he identifies a problem, he thinks the way you solve it is to pass a very restrictive law and outlaw greater than 16 ounce Cokes for example."

It's a verbal civil war over smuggled guns that looks like isn't going to end anytime soon.

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