Cops: James Island High School student files false report on shooting

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department has arrested a James Island High School student accused of filing a false police report regarding a shooting.

Officers arrested 17-year-old Derrontae Holmes Friday morning and charged him with making a false statement to secure taxes.

Holmes' arrest stems from an incident on Tuesday when police responded to the Medical University of South Carolina for a report of a shooting.

According to investigators, Holmes told police that after he dropped his girlfriend off at an apartment on Ashley River Road, someone in the "shadows" fired 3 to 4 gunshots in his direction.

An affidavit states Holmes told investigators that he heard another gun shot as he started to run off. Holmes said he wasn't able to start his car due to gunshots damaging the engine. According to Holmes, he then called a friend who picked him up and took him to MUSC.

The affidavit states Holmes had been shot once in the right toe.

Detectives then spoke to Holmes girlfriend who said she never heard any gun shots, and heard Holmes drive off. Additionally, the girl's mother told police that she did not hear any gun shots.

Investigators say there were no calls that night in the area for a shooting, and management spoke to several residents who said they heard no gun shots.

Police say officers found two gun shots through Holmes car's hood. A detective said that the trajectory of the bullets showed that the shooter either had to be standing directly beside the front passenger door, sitting in the front passenger seat or at an elevated position from a distance.

An affidavit states that based on the investigation, Holmes account of the shooting was not possible.

Authorities say they also found a 9mm shell casing from the back floor board of Holmes' vehicle.

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