Woman awaiting trial for allegedly killing son, gives birth

Amber Bracci
Amber Bracci
John Weaver and Amber Bracci
John Weaver and Amber Bracci

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Ridgeville mother awaiting trial for allegedly killing her 16-month-old son recently gave birth to another child.

Sources tell us the Department of Social Services has been contacted that the suspect, Amber Bracci, has a newborn baby.

The trial for Bracci and her co-defendant, John Weaver, could be held late this year or early next year, according to First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe.

Right now, both Bracci and Weaver are out on bond. Bracci was 19 years old in early 2011 when Dorchester County deputies say she and Weaver killed her 16-month-old son Rowan Bracci.

Both are charged with homicide by child abuse.

Investigators said at the time, the child died from a closed head injury at the hands of another person or persons.

Authorities said Bracci admitted she hit her son in the head a few days before he was rushed to the hospital.

A few days after Rowan died, Bracci and some family members came to the Live 5 News studio.
She told us Weaver was to blame for her son's death.

"We will never ever have Rowan back," Weaver said."You could have come and woken me up, and because you chose not to, you will rot for this, I promise you."

The case has taken yet another twist with Bracci giving birth to another child. DSS has been notified about the birth, according to a source.

No word on whether Bracci and Weaver will be tried together.

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