Charleston Co. Sheriff addresses increased security for bond hearing

(Photo: Andy Savage)
(Photo: Andy Savage)
(Photo: Andy Savage)
(Photo: Andy Savage)
Ronald Reid. (Source: CCDC)
Ronald Reid. (Source: CCDC)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon said increased security at a Friday bond hearing for a 43-year-old man charged in connection to a fatal triple shooting was necessary.

"Sheriff Cannon noted that the sheriff's office has the responsibility to ensure the safety of those who have business at the court house and the citizen's in the area," stated a press release by the sheriff's office."And the security measures were deemed necessary after an assessment of the situation was conducted. It is not uncommon for the sheriff's office to increase security and law enforcement present at court hearings based on security assessments and the nature of the court docket. "

Ronald Reid, who is charged with first-degree murder for the June 29 shooting at the Cycle Gear, was at a bond hearing at the Charleston County Courthouse Friday morning where he received a $100,000 bond, according to Reid's attorney.

Andy Savage, who is representing Reid, released pictures and a statement concerning the increased law enforcement units at the courthouse during Reid's appearance in court.

"The presence of this military force both inside and outside the courthouse was ostensibly  for security," Savage said in a press release." Although there is no evidence that the defendant who was the object for this show of force is involved in any "gang" nor is there any evidence that his 12 member motorcycle club is involved in a dispute with a "rival gang" or that this defendant who is 44 years of age has any history of violent behavior, a defendant who has a defibrillator implanted in his chest to maintain his life due to a disabling heart disease, a defendant who has a permit issued by the State of South Carolina since 2009 to carry a concealed weapon, a defendant who was shot in the leg and witnessed two other people murdered before drawing his weapon and killing the shooter."

North Charleston Police Department investigators say Reid shot and killed 41-year-old Maurice Lamark Horry during a melee in June outside the shop between two rival motorcycle clubs, the Columbia-based Real Kingz and the Wheels of Soul.

Police say Horry was being attacked by a number of men inside the store, so he ran out to his motorcycle in the parking lot and grabbed his gun from under the seat. Police say witnesses told them Horry pointed his gun at a large group of men assembled outside and ordered them to back away.

Investigators say Reid then shot Horry, but Reid's attorneys say that is not the case. According to them, witnesses say Horry shot first, and struck Reid. Attorneys argue that Reid, who has a concealed weapons permit, was acting in self-defense when he returned fire.

Reid's attorneys also argue he was not part of the initial confrontation inside the store which prompted the fracas, and had only just arrived at the parking lot when Horry began firing shots. Reid's attorneys say he was attending a fundraising cookout at Norton & Son's Auto-Detailing Shop across the street just before accompanying his friend, 36-year-old Summerville man Theodore Waymeyers Jr. to go purchase a helmet.

Waymeyers Jr., along with 39-year-old Carols Davis, of Columbia, were also killed in the shootout.

According to Reid's attorneys, Davis and Waymeyers died from gunshots fired by Horry.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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