Profanity, racial slurs spray painted on Summerville home

Profanity, racial slurs spray painted on Summerville home

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Graphic graffiti was plastered all over a home in the Corey Gardens neighborhood. Residents couldn't believe their eyes when they walked outside early Saturday morning.

"I couldn't believe it," said neighbor Jerry Myrick.

Michael Patterson, another neighbor said, "I was astounded."

Myrick said, "When I've seen these things in the past, you usually see them in overpasses, underpasses or maybe neighborhoods run down in large cities."

Myrick lives next to the home that was vandalized.

"I noticed it when I was getting ready to go to work," said Myrick.

Myrick saw Nazi symbols, cuss words and racial slurs painted on top of signs that said "No Trespassing."

A small part of Myrick's home was also vandalized. "Felony trash" was written on his side wall with an arrow pointing to his neighbor's home.

It was only one of many graphic messages that said "felony slime" along with derogatory references towards Jewish people.

Community members say this act of vandalism has changed their normally quiet neighborhood.

"The neighbors all know each other and we try to look out for each other," said Patterson.

Most of the community is on edge.

Patterson said, "Everybody's watching who comes and goes into the complex more carefully than usual and everybody's a little nervous."

A big concern in the area is that people don't want these written messages to get worse.

"I would rather have it stop now before it turns into something more serious," Patterson said.

Overall, the neighbors hope issues in the future can be resolved without going this far.

This case is currently under investigation by the Summerville Police Department.

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