Police officers save man from jumping off Ravenel Bridge

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File photo

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department says two officers saved a North Charleston man who attempted to harm himself by jumping off the Arthur Ravenel Bridge on Saturday.

Authorities say Officers Michael Calore and Jason Shepherd were on patrol around 12:30 a.m. when they responded to the Ravenel Bridge in reference to a man threatening to jump. They arrived on scene and found a vehicle parked by the bridge's divider, in between the two diamonds of the bridge.

Shepherd said he then looked over to the walking path of the bridge and saw a man sitting on top of the fence with both legs on the other side of the fence.

According to a police report, as Shepherd carefully approached the man and began talking with him, the man told Shepherd if he came any closer he was going to jump.

Shepherd said he immediately stopped walking and continued to talk with the man. The man said he didn't want to speak with anyone and said he just wanted to jump.

At this time, authorities say Calore tried to approach the man's left side. Police say when the man saw Calore, he took both hands off the top of the fence and threatened to jump. Calore said he then stopped about three yards behind him.

Police say during the incident, Shepherd gave the man a cigarette, and learned that the man was an Army veteran. Shepherd told the man he too was an Army veteran as well.

During this time, Calore said he was able to get closer to the man, and continued talking with him. Calore told the man that no other officer would come near him. Police say at that moment, the man looked up and began looking down the bridge's walkway.

According to police, that's when the officers grabbed him and pulled him back over the fence. He was then transported to MUSC.

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