Work continues on Market Street drainage project

Published: Sep. 4, 2013 at 12:05 AM EDT
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Construction crews are in phase 2 of a 3 phase project.

The construction won't be done on the second phase until August of next year. City officials say we'll see the most change in the flooding after all phases of construction are done in 2018.

Over the next two weeks crews will be digging 8x8 ft. holes where State and Church Streets intersect with Market Street. This is all to make way for drainage tunnels to help ease up the flooding.

"Like last night, a ton of water came down and everywhere you went there was a ton of water piled up," said tourist Charlie Delauder.

Vendors near the state street construction site came prepared today.

Gretchen Waltemire said, "We brought in ear plugs for this morning."

Waltemire has been set up in the same spot on the Market for 30 years now.

"I remember it was so deep that we had to sit on the tables so the tables wouldn't float back. In the early 80's," said Waltemire.

Although Waltemire's only feet away from the construction she got something she wasn't expecting.

"Astonished, you hear how quiet it is? Business is not affected we have good signs, it's very quiet," said Waltemire.

A hole was already dug at market and Anson Streets and the same will happen on Church Street next week.

The fences at each intersection will be taken down once all of the work is done. That could take anywhere between three and five days each time. Only one intersection at time could be blocked to make way for carriage ride traffic.

Waltemire says the flooding has gotten better over the last three decades.

"The goal is no water ever in the building. That would be great, no water ever in the building, that would be great," said Waltemire.

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