Cousins arrested for car break-ins at N. Charleston apartment complex

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two Mt. Pleasant cousins are accused of breaking into cars at two North Charleston apartment complexes.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 24-year-old Darrow Antonio Brown and 21-year-old Jasmine Nicole Brown with four counts of breaking into a motor vehicle.

On Wednesday morning, police responded to the Spring House Apartments on 7930 St. Ives Rd for a report of two people walking around the complex and looking into cars.

A police officer said he spotted an empty car with the engine running in the area. Believing the car belonged to the suspects spotted in the area, police waited for the occupants to get in the car and leave.

A police report states two people, later identified as Jasmine and Darrow Brown, got into the vehicle and began to drive away.  Authorities then pulled the car over and spoke to the driver, Jasmine Brown, who told police that they were in the area to see a family member.

Brown said she and her brother decided to walk around the complex after finding no one home. One of the officers said he did not believe her story and questioned her further about what they were doing in the area.

According to investigators, Brown then admitted she was driving her cousin around the apartment complexes so he could break into vehicles.

Brown said she first parked at the North Bluff apartments on 7925 St. Ives Rd. and walked around the complex while her cousin entered unlocked vehicles searching for property. Brown told investigators that she only saw her cousin take a check book from a black Hyundai.

According to Brown, she then drove her cousin to the Spring House apartments where her cousin entered a dark colored Honda Accord and took a GPS device.  Brown said when she saw police officers around her vehicle, both she and her cousin ran off, waited for some time to go by and returned to the vehicle.

Officers say in the suspects' car they found a check book, a GPS device and latex gloves, which Brown said her cousin used when he broke into cars.

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