Remembering 9/11: People recall where they were as the towers collapsed

Remembering 9/11: People recall where they were as the towers collapsed

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Twelve years later people recall where they were and their reaction as they watched the second plane hit and the towers fall on live television.

"Felt like it was world war III or possibly another period in time like Vietnam," says Rick Dobey, who at home on 9/11. "So, I was horrified."

"I had just turned on the television, and when I saw what took place I was in shock," says Shirley Jones, who was also at home. "I thought it was a nightmare. It was just unbelievable."

"I was working believe it or not, and it hit me hard when it happened," says Dean Nimocks. "It was devastating."

And, 12 years later the pain and horror of that unforgettable day is still very real. Corey Dean was a freshman in high school on his way to first period.

"It's probably one of those days my generation will remember forever the way other generations maybe remember Kennedy's assassination or maybe even other generations, the Berlin Wall falling down."

Dean says he didn't fully understand the gravity of what happened back then, but, now, his perspective is much different.

What a major wake-up that we weren't doing enough security wise, and it really brought home the fact that there's people out there that disagree with the way we live and that want to take that away from us."

Others say the country put up a guard on that day that won't come down again.

"That day changed us as a nation forever I believe because we are now a much more vigilant nation."