"Day of Caring": 8,000 volunteer to clean up the Lowcountry

"Day of Caring": 8,000 volunteer to clean up the Lowcountry

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - 8,000 volunteers spread out around the Lowcountry and put their time and energy to work. It's part of the annual Trident United Way "Day of Caring."

Volunteers completed 400 projects all to make our community better.

They planted gardens, painted, built things and cleaned up. The work started early in the morning and they continued working until the jobs were done.

Courtney Brown helped coordinate the event, she says volunteers sacrificed a lot to make the day a success.

"They took time out of their work day," says Brown. "A lot of them have to actually go back and do the things that aren't being done today, so we really appreciate the volunteer time that they are taking away from their work day."

Officials with the United Way say the annual "Day of Caring" started back in 2000, but took off after 9/11.

Some companies even have a waiting list for volunteers who want to pitch in.

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