Miss SC sets the record straight on statement, apology

Miss SC sets the record straight on statement, apology
Brooke Mosteller
Brooke Mosteller

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Miss South Carolina Brooke Mosteller told Live 5 News' Bill Sharpe on Thursday that she apologizes for what she said at the Miss America Pageant last week.

In her first television interview, Mosteller said she's sorry for the comments she made about 20 percent of the state living in mobile homes, and "that's how we roll."

"I really am sorry for doing this and for taking that huge, incredible opportunity that those Miss South Carolina judges gave me and entrusted me with to go and represent the state to the best of my ability, and I did it with a lack of judgement," Mosteller said on Thursday.

Mosteller said she felt uneasy about saying the statement regarding mobile homes on the Miss America Pageant and her "inner voice" told her it was wrong. It was seven seconds she wished she could take back.

"When I would question it or feel a little uncomfortable about it, I would voice my concern, but pretty much everyone I asked about it at the pageant said 'This is funny and you have a great personality,'" Mosteller said."I really just should have used my better judgement and really  listened to my instincts that there is a downside to this and it could be offensive to people."

A source close to the reigning beauty queen, says the apology issued earlier on Wednesday was not written by Brooke and were not her words.

On Wednesday afternoon, an apology attributed to Mosteller and the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization stated that her joke about the number of people living in mobile homes was a collective decision with the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization "in an attempt to be creative and humorous."

"We regret this was perceived as insensitive and we apologize to our fellow South Carolinians who may have been offended," said the statement. "South Carolina is an amazing place with its loving people, resplendent history, positive business climate, vibrant culture, and beautiful natural resources."

Mosteller definitely found a way to stand out from the crowded field.

"I'm from the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile, because that's how we roll," she said.

The statement quickly gained steam on social media.

Mosteller failed to advance to the competition's semifinals. Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, took top honors in the competition.

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