Thousands attend Carolina Green Fair at James Island Co. Park

Thousands attend Carolina Green Fair

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Thousands at the James Island County Park were thinking green Sunday. While getting eco-friendly tips, some petted snakes and others enjoyed cooking demonstrations for healthy food.

The Carolina Green Fair is all about educating in a fun way.

Suzie Webster executive director of the event said, "Just the little things that you do can really make a big difference."

Webster provided a variety of hands-on activities.

Kids conquered the rock climbing wall while others hung out with snakes. Families even got up close with birds of prey. There was something for all ages.

"I hope that every person who comes out finds one thing that they're not already doing that they feel like they can easily do in their own home or their own business," said Webster.

The 2,000 in attendance were able to get many green and eco-friendly tips they may not have known before.

Wayne Koeckeritz owner of Food Waste Disposal said, "If it was once alive plant or animal, it can be composted."

The company works directly with Charleston County to produce compost, a nutrient rich plant fertilizer.

"Less stuff in the landfill. Currently I've been doing this for just under two years and have been able to divert close to four million pounds of food waste that typically would have just gone to the landfill but has all been turned back into compost," said Koeckeritz.

Learning green while staying fit made for a fun, yet educational day full of entertainment.

The Carolina Green Fair takes place every September.

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