Homeowner shoots man outside Colleton Co. home, no charges filed

Homeowner shoots man outside Colleton Co. home, no charges filed

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - An alert homeowner will not face charges after shooting and wounding a man who was trespassing on his property in Colleton County on Sunday night, authorities say.

According to the Colleton County Sheriff's Office, the shooting happened at 1772 Smyly Road just before midnight. When they arrived, they spoke with the homeowner, who said he heard a noise coming from his shed and looked out the window to find an unknown person coming out of the shed with an object in his hand.

The homeowner said he fired a warning shot, and when the suspect came towards him, he fired his shotgun at him. The homeowner said the suspect ran off towards the road.

Deputies said they found a burgundy Nissan Sentra in the middle of the road near the home. The car was empty but a large amount of what appeared to be blood was found in the driver's seat and the door frame, deputies said.

A short time later, the sheriff's office received a call from the Colleton Regional Medical Center saying someone was being treated for a gunshot to the thigh and pelvic area. The suspect was taken to the Medical University of South Carolina for treatment.

"It's unfortunate that someone was shot in this case, however, the home owner has the right to protect himself and his property. The Sheriff's Office will not be seeking charges against the home owner for the shooting." said Sheriff Strickland.

Charges have not been filed against the suspect, but the investigation is ongoing.

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