Animal lovers turn to physical therapy for injured pets

Published: Oct. 11, 2013 at 8:01 PM EDT
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Pluff has been undergoing rehab since she was hit by a car in March.
Pluff has been undergoing rehab since she was hit by a car in March.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A popular trend is helping to ease the pain in pets with arthritis, injuries and disease, while keeping them happy and healthy.

Ashby Floyd says he takes his 3-year-old German short haired pointer "Pluff" to the doctor whenever she starts acting funny.

Pluff is champion dock dog who was hit by a car in March, and Floyd has shelled out quite a bit of money to take care of her.

"She was in rough shape, and two or three days in intensive care and sleeping on her back hip," Floyd says.

Fast forward to today, and thousands of dollars later, and Pluff is almost ready to get her paws wet again thanks to months of pet rehabilitation to heal her joints.

"It's just like what you think of with human physical therapy," he says. "Most of the concepts have been taken from human physical therapy and applied to animals. It's taken all of the money I saved up, but it's worth it."

Dr. Artise Stewart has been rehabbing pets for years, and says the trend is catching on and becoming the gold standard for care when it comes to furry pets with arthritis, neurological disease, and weight issues.

"The ultimate goal is to increase function while decreasing their pain and controlling their pain," the doctor says.

According to Pluff's doctors, the dock jumping champ should be ready to start training again by November.

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