Dorchester Co. voters to decide on possible sales tax bump

Dorchester Co. voters to decide on possible sales tax bump

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Voters in Dorchester County will soon decide if a one-percent sales tax increase should be enacted.

The local option sales tax will be listed as a referendum on the November 5th ballot.  If passed, the sales tax would be levied, and at least 71-percent of the collected tax would be a credit for property owners.  Individual municipalities would be able to determine the uses for the remainder of the money, according to Dorchester County councilman David Chinnis.

"I think ultimately, what it allows us to do is become more competitive with the local counties," he says.  "We need business and industry in this county.  We are a bedroom county: 65-percent of people in this county leave this county to go to work every day."

Opponents of the tax, include the Dorchester County Democratic Party.

"If the average annual retail expenditures on items like food and clothing are $14,500 annually for every household, here in Dorchester County, every home is going to have to pay another 145 dollars a year [in sales tax]," Public Relations Chair Rob Groce says.

Dorchester County currently has a 7-percent sales tax rate.

The election is November 5th.

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