Rep. Sanford talks shutdown and what's next

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The shutdown is over, most politicians have headed home and federal employees are back to work. However, Representative Mark Sanford says this could be the beginning of another headache.

Sanford voted against the Senate's proposal to end the shutdown and extend this resolution to January 15. The deal passed in the Senate and House and was signed off by President Obama.

Sanford calls this a temporary fix because it didn't address the underlying budget issues.

"Kicking the can down the road is a real disservice to all of us if we don't get our arms around that larger budget in Washington D.C. and how much we spend every year," said Rep. Sanford. "What we saw in the last 16 days is simply a pre-tremor to a much larger financial earthquake that'll come our country's way without addressing our financial issues."

Sanford says by February 7, the country will acquire close to $600 billion in additional debt.

He's hopeful that the House and Senate can come to a compromise about the nation's budget before it gets further than that.

Sanford heads back to Washington Tuesday.

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