Makers Movement: More parents making Halloween costumes

More parents making Halloween costumes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local craft studio says they're seeing more parents taking time out of their busy schedules to make their childrens' costumes for Halloween.

"When you go to like Target and you get your costume, it's not original," said Caroline Gladstein, a young girl proud of her homemade costume.

"Sometimes you just cant buy unique," said Andy Gladstein, Caroline's father.

The Gladstein's homemade costumes are definitely unique. Caroline is dressed to look like she's getting a ride of a grandma's back. Her brother Joe's costume is dressed to look like he's an elf being carried by Santa Claus.

Andy Gladstein says he has fond memories of his mother making his costumes as a child and he wanted to keep that tradition going.

"It was fun making them," said Gladstein.

They're not the only family pulling out the supplies to make their own costumes this Halloween.

"The trend of making our own things has come back with a vengeance on the last few years," said Allison Merrick, owner of Spacecraft Studios.

Merrick says social media sites like Pinterest and Etsy are a big reason for the renewed boost in creativity.

More and more, people are rediscovering the joy of making their own things in something Merrick calls the "Maker Movement."

"When we take the time and brainpower to work on projects ourselves, we end up with products that are personal and funny and things that we're proud of," said Merrick.

"Theres not many Halloweens left," said Gladstein. "They're not going to be eight and ten ever again, so I think it is a good idea to do it."

Merrick say a lot of people have been coming to her space to work on fox costumes. This is to mimic the highly popular Youtube video "What Does The Fox Say?"

If you are making your child's costume make sure to keep safety in mind. Costumes should be flame retardant, include reflectors for the dark and make sure it's not dragging.

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