New gang at war with well known gang in Colleton County

New gang at war with well known gang in Colleton County

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Colleton County sheriff's deputies say a new gang is causing problems for them.

Authorities say the new gang called the "Go Boyz", is at war with a well known gang called the "Cowboys."

"There are issues between the two of them. I don't know specifically what it is," said Colleton County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Deputy Amye Stivender.

Stivender says it may have been the "Go Boyz" who fired shots into a home on McMillian Street in Walterboro early Sunday morning.

McMillian Street is "Cowboy territory," according to the sheriff's office.

Joe Kelly was in bed in the house, when the bullets started flying.

"Sure I was scared. Who wouldn't be when you got a bunch of bullets flying in your house," Kelly said.

Deputies say the gangs may be responsible for a shooting twenty minutes earlier, when shots were fired into a mobile home on Round O Road on the other side of town.

No one was hit. Investigators aren't sure if the two shootings are related.

But they do believe the "Go Boyz" and "Cowboys" were involved in shootouts last Tuesday at the Ashepoo Grocery and at a home on Green Pond Road.

"Our numbers have been up for gang activity and we're really trying to take a proactive stance on that," Stivender said.

Kelly, who narrowly escaped the gunfire, is angry about the gang activity in the county.

"I think it stinks. That's what I think it is," he said.

The sheriff's office is asking residents to help them by reporting any gang activity.

"We can't be everywhere. This is a very large county," Stivender explained.

Still shaken from the shooting, Kelly believes he is alive thanks to divine intervention.

"That's right, the man up above," he said,

A few years ago, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division was called into Colleton County to help clean up the gang problem. Stivender said it's possible SLED could be asked to come back.

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