Bosch showcasing driverless technology controlled by cell phone

Published: Jan. 9, 2014 at 12:27 AM EST
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source: Bosch
source: Bosch

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - An engineering company with a plant in North Charleston is getting a lot of attention at this week's big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The cutting edge technology, developed by Bosch, can actually parallel park your car.

The engineering company has created a cell phone app that communicates with your car.

"One push of the button is all it takes and the car drives itself into or out of parking spaces. To stop the maneuver, just take your finger off the button," said a representative in an instructional video.

Bosch is bringing the future to life with innovation. The technology offers much more than driverless parking.

A woman demonstrating said, "I'm driving the car now, as soon as I want to switch to automated mode, I press this button and now the car is driving itself. Anytime I feel I want to take control, I gently touch the steering wheel and immediately I have the car."

This week Bosch is showing off what they can do at the Consumer electronics show also known as CES. It's when tech companies from all over the world unveil their best and latest inventions.

A spokeswoman won't say how or if the plant in North Charleston will be manufacturing any of the technology, but either way it's an exciting time for Bosch. The company is hoping to reinvent the way we get around.

"So we basically take information from sensors and we integrate them all into a common map where we determine if there's a car next to us or if there's a car to the side of us," said a company representative, "It knows where it is located from a map it receives from a cloud-based server."

They say another advantage is more safety for drivers.

"9 out of 10 accidents are caused by human failure. If we automate dedicated functions, we will reduce the number of accidents," said a company representative.

Bosch expects the driverless technology to hit the market next year.

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