Closing of Mt. Pleasant Kmart to open door for more development

Closing of Mt. Pleasant Kmart to open door for more development

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Kmart in Mount Pleasant once looked at as a location for a new town hall is closing for good on Sunday at 6p.m.

While there are no offers on the table for development, a town official says it's only a matter of time before an offer is made on the property.

Christiane Farrell, director of planning and development said, "It's got a lot to offer, a lot of potential. It's got a lot of access to it with Bowman Road just being improved, Johnnie Dodds just being improved and obviously right behind the property is 526."

Age has taken a toll on the Kmart shopping center.

"Long as I could remember that Kmart's been there," said Farrell.

A bumpy parking lot and empty buildings with peeling paint is what the shopping center is like now.

Farrell says the location allows for a wide variety of buildings. The shopping center is in a zoning area called the Urban Corridor Overlay District.

"It's Johnnie Dodds, it's Coleman and Ben Sawyer and Chuck Dawley."

The corridor has different themes for each of those areas. The Kmart shopping center falls within the health and wellness district of the corridor, but Farrell says the zoning makes it possible for homes and businesses to be included.

"It really tries to encourage a walkable environment," said Farrell.

There aren't any plans in place right now but Farrell is excited about a little known fact.

Farrell said, "Most people don't realize that the area that runs up in front of the site is kind of the end of Shem Creek."

She says that alone expands possible options for developers.

"The ability to get in there and maybe enhance it in some way and build on the whole walkable, urban corridor concept and do something kind of neat right there the edge of the creek could be a unique opportunity," said Farrell.

The director says she isn't worried about the building sitting empty for long. She says the developer has been in contact with the town about his options and that's a good sign a plan could move forward.

Farrell says she doesn't know whether or not the other two businesses in that shopping center will close.

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