CofC student who had run-in with Jim Cantore says he would do it again

CofC who had run-in with Jim Cantore says he would do it again
Published: Jan. 29, 2014 at 12:05 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 30, 2014 at 2:25 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A College of Charleston student said he "would do it again" after he ran into a live shot with The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, who delivered a knee into the college student's stomach Tuesday night.

"We had spoken to [Jim Cantore] earlier in the day, and got a photo with him," said CofC student Colin Marcelli."We went back again later, and then I got on TV and now everyone loves it."

A YouTube video shows Cantore doing a 5 o'clock hit for the Weather Channel from the College of Charleston campus Tuesday evening. New video released on Tuesday shows Marcelli talking into a friend's camera saying,"Jim Cantore, whatcha know about this," before rushing the meteorologist.

"He probably thought that I was going to tackle him or something, but I was really just trying to run into the frame," Marcelli says.

Without missing a beat, Cantore delivered a knee to the kid's stomach and continued on with his live shot.

"Obviously, here at the College of Charleston they are already having a good time," Cantore quipped after Marcelli ran away.

"He got me good," Marcelli says. "I figured it would be one of those things that I was on the Weather Channel for a minute, maybe laugh about it, see the video on YouTube and then it would be over."

A YouTube video showing the incident has nearly 2 million views since it was put up on Tuesday.

"It's surreal. I'm still in shock that people find this video and amusing," Marcelli said.

But not everyone found it funny. Marcelli says his mother texted him Wednesday morning and said it was a "great way to get arrested."

"I would 100 percent do it again," Marcelli said. "It's my 15 minutes of fame, you don't get this very often."

Video of the moment was captured and posted to YouTube

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