911 audio released of Ravenel Bridge shutdown following traffic stop

911 audio released of Ravenel Bridge shutdown following traffic stop

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have released 911 audio tapes of a harrowing night atop the Ravenel Bridge last Friday night.

The bridge was shut down again, but not because of icy conditions. This time, it was a traffic stop involving a high profile suspect who has shut down the bridge before.

"This is Phillip DeClemente. I want the harassment stopped. I'm tired of what's going on and this has gone on way too far," Phillip DeClemente can be heard in newly released 911 tapes.

With cops on his tail, 40-year-old DeClemente called a 911 operator.

Police say they tried to pull DeClemente over after he allegedly went to the home of a former acquaintance and threatened him.

It was DeClemente who stopped his car on the Ravenel bridge two years ago and forced police to shut it down for four hours.

On Friday night, authorities say he did it again.

"Right now, I'm going over the Ravenel bridge," DeClemente says in a 911 audio tape.

Later on DeClemente tells the operator that this isn't his first time stopping on the bridge.

"I've already been to this bridge before to stop it and I've been in four different jails," DeClemente can be heard telling the operator.

With an officer on the way, the operator asks DeClemente if he has any weapons in the vehicle.

"There's pepper spray. There might be a smoke bomb in the back. I see knives somewhere, but there's nothing in my immediate vicinity that will harm anybody," DeClemente tells the operator.

A little more than an hour after the standoff on the bridge, DeClemente was arrested.

Emergency officials say DeClemente was taken to Roper Hospital's emergency room for an evaluation but somehow got away and was captured at MUSC.

DeClemente is still in jail being held without bond on charges of stalking and threats.
He says patients have to be given the benefit of the doubt that they can live their lives as long as it's safe for other people out there.

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