DMV license mistake frustrates local man

Published: Mar. 8, 2014 at 4:10 AM EST
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Brandon Velez is on his third driver's license in two days, after a mistake by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

On Thursday, the DMV issued the North Charleston man a new license reflecting a requested name change after his legal same-sex marriage in New York. He was notified by telephone a few hours later that a mistake had been made, as same-sex marriages are not recognized by the state.

"It got me really mad, really aggravated," he says.

A DMV spokeswoman says the West Ashley office, which issued the original license, asked him to return the license.

"If he doesn't, the office manager will notify headquarters [Friday] afternoon. His driver license will be revoked at that time," DMV spokeswoman Beth S. Parks said.

According to the South Carolina DMV webpage, a license revocation is also a consequence for driving under the influence for the "fourth and subsequent offense."

Velez turned in the license and was issued another bearing his given name. He says he should've been excused from returning the license because it was the mistake of the DMV.

"Especially for it being their fault, I feel like I should be able to keep my license the way it was," he said.

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