SCE&G workers shave heads in support of lineman's daughter

SCE&G workers shave their heads in support of lineman's daughter diagnosed with leukemia

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - SCE&G linemen in Mount Pleasant shaved their heads to show support of their fellow lineman's 6-year-old daughter who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

"Means a lot to me, it makes me happy to know there's people that are out there willing to do stuff for my family and myself," said lineman Thad Bostian.

On Friday, Bostian's co-workers shaved their heads in support of  Bostian's daughter, Emma Grace, who was diagnosed with leukemia last year.

"It started back in October when she was first diagnosed," Bostian said."She didn't lose her hair then. Then [with] the next cycle of treatment , her hair fell out and I came in with my head shaved and it kind of just blew up from there."

Bostian said he called into work and told his fellow linemen not to worry when he came into work with his head shaved, and that he was doing it for his daughter.

"They were all very supportive of it and decided they wanted to do it too," said Bostian who described his co-workers as family. "We would all go out of our way to do anything for each other."

"We just started talking about it all the pieces fell together, the next thing you know we're all bald headed," said Joe Griffin, SCE&G line supervisor in Mt. Pleasant."We're hoping this simple gesture will go a long way just to let the community and everybody know that it doesn't take a bunch of money to make somebody happy."

When asked what Emma would remember from the day's events, Bostian said,"All the bald heads," to which Emma replied,"Yeah!"

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