Convenience store selling glass smoking pipes near school

Convenience store selling glass smoking pipes near school

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A convenience store in Mt. Pleasant is selling glass pipes that are commonly used to smoke marijuana.

A Live 5 News viewer complained on our Facebook page that the store is located right across the street from Moultrie Middle School on Coleman Boulevard.

The viewer wrote, "So the new owners of the BP gas station across Coleman Boulevard from Moultrie Middle School are selling glass pipes. You can't sell pot within a mile from school, but paraphenali (sic) is ok?"

So is the store really selling glass smoking pipes?

We went to find out.

With cameras rolling, we walked in and saw the pipes in a case on the counter.

The clerk told us the store sells lots of pipes.

She said the price is either $11.99 or $15.99, depending on the size.

We asked the clerk if she is concerned about kids from Moultrie Middle School trying to buy a pipe.

She said she never sells the pipes to kids and always asks for identification.

She said if we have any other questions, we can call the owner of the BP.

We asked the owner why he's selling the pipes so close to a school.

He said the pipes are not sold to anyone under 21 and anyone who wants to buy a pipe or the tobacco that goes with it must show a proper I. D.

The owner admitted there are people out there who use the pipes to smoke marijuana, but he said that's out of his control.

So to answer the viewer who complained about the pipes?

 The law says they are perfectly legal.
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