Incumbent Michael Heitzler has won the Goose Creek mayoral race following Tuesday's election.

The unofficial results have Heitzler winning with 1759 votes. His opponent, Jerry Tekac, garnered 930 votes. 

Winners for city council were Kimo Esarey with 1712 votes, Debra Green-Fletcher with 1589 votes and Mark Phillips with 1731 votes.

It was the first time in 16 years, Goose Creek's mayor faced opposition. Heitzler has been the mayor of Goose Creek for the last 36 years. He moved to Goose Creek from Hawaii in 1968. Because of that, he says, he feels he has a long time relationship with the city that makes him proud.

His opponent, Jerry Tekac, has lived in Goose Creek for just more than a decade and felt it was time for a change. Tekac aimed to bring more businesses to the area with a slogan, "Live Here, Work Here."

Both men had opposing opinions on almost every issue, but agree that the competition was a positive thing.

"I believe the visions are different, which is good," said Tekac. "I believe that we have a choice, which is great, and I would encourage everyone to come out and vote. Whether they support my campaign or whether they support my opponents campaign."

"The town is thinking who are we and where do we want to go from here?" Said Mayor Michael Heitzler. "Where have we come from and where do we want to go from her? And, I see the city of Goose Creek. You know, that whole story where the glass is half full or half empty? I see us half full."

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