Local runners sent a message of solidarity and honor Tuesday, remembering the victims in the Boston Marathon bombings, one year after the tragedy.

Racing around the track at Park West, in Mt. Pleasant, a handful of Boston Marathoners prepared for the largest marathon to date.

For them, it's a chance to move on.

Richard Blalock is a mobility impaired runner who's returning to Boston for his second time.

Because of the bombings, he didn't get to cross the finish line last year.

"I also want to be able to run it for the victims of the race, in honor of them," said Blalock.

Other local runners prepare to return to Boston for their third, or even sixth time.

"I think this year, more than ever, you'll see an energy you've never seen before," said Mike Seekings, getting ready for his sixth Boston Marathon. "It's a world class event."

"The first year I qualified in 2010, I really just went for the experience," said Bill Rowell, preparing for his third Boston Marathon. "And then, of course, with the tragedy, I did qualify last year. And I said, 'I need to go back.'"

Others, will head to Boston for the first time.

"Well, Boston is kind of like the Coup de Gras," said 26-year-old Sarah Smith. "Literally, it's your dream come true and I'm just really excited to finally be going and being a part of this."

"If you've got a dream, just chase it," said 30-year-old Matt Moldenhauer, eager to face Boston for the first time.

Each of the 5 local runners, have different motivation to take on that 26.2 mile trek.

"My father just had a lung transplant about 7 months ago," said Moldenhauer. "And, he was always a runner and always wanted to go to Boston. So I run because he's in no condition to do that."

For Mike Seekings, this year's marathon will be his sixth and last.

"For sure, this is a great place to be and a great way to end it."

While they all have different motivations to run, they all agree Boston 2014 will be best year yet.

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