Designs for new Mount Pleasant town hall and park released to public

Designs for new Mount Pleasant town hall and park released to public
Published: Apr. 15, 2014 at 10:39 PM EDT
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Community members met Tuesday with architects on the design of a park that will also go next to the new Mount Pleasant town hall.

The building and park will be built where the town hall is currently located off Houston Northcutt Boulevard.

"This park will actually be at the front of the site, at front of the town hall building," said Lauren Sims, assistant to the town administrator.

Sims says they are getting an overwhelming amount of public input on the design of the park. She says the community wants a gathering space at the new town hall.

"It can be anything from a passive park, something that incorporates art and is just more of a relaxing type atmosphere to a more active park that has something like a water feature."

Sims says construction on the park and town hall will take about a year and a half and they'll work on one building at a time.

"We'll go through a phasing of tearing down certain buildings as the construction begins and as space allows," said Sims.

Sims says town agencies like the police department will not be moved until their part of the multi-million dollar project is finished.

"The final figures are quite a ways out at this point but we're still working with the 22 million dollar building cost right now," said Sims.

Town officials say your feedback is a vital part of the entire process.

Sims said, "If we just design it without any public input then it's just building or it's just a park. With the public input it adds ownership, it becomes the town of Mount Pleasant's park, and it's their town hall."

Construction on the new town hall is expected to start early next year and last about 18 months.?

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