Police: Baby will need plastic surgery after woman dips child in scalding water

Police: Baby will need plastic surgery after woman dips child in scalding water

SPARTANBURG, SC (WYFF) - An 18-year-old Spartanburg woman is accused of dipping her cousin's baby in scalding water, leaving the 1-year-old with burns so serious the baby will likely need plastic surgery.

The baby’s mother said she dropped her daughter off with her cousin, Latirrani Harris, to be babysat on April 11.

The mother said when she picked up the baby the next day, Harris told her that the baby had some peeling skin on her buttocks because of a bath she had given her with vapor soap, that caused a chemical burn.

When the mother got home with her baby, she changed her diaper, and saw blistering on the child's buttocks, so she immediately took her to the emergency room at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center.

The doctors at the hospital said the child had second-degree non-chemical burns, and told the mother to take her to her pediatrician.  The baby’s doctor confirmed that the burns were second-degree, caused intentionally and would likely require plastic surgery.

The investigation continued, with officers meeting with Harris on April 21 to question her regarding the baby’s injuries. They said Harris admitted the baby was in her care when she was burned, but she said that she had put the baby into the bath feet first, and that the water was not hot and the baby did not cry.

Doctors determined that the burns on the baby had been caused when she was cradled in someone’s arms and dipped into water, since the burns were only on the child’s buttocks and she was not burned on her feet or anywhere else.

Since Harris was the only one with the baby when the injuries occurred, she was charged with unlawful neglect and taken into custody last Friday.

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