More than 750 incidents at night club where Roddy White’s brother was killed

More than 750 incidents at night club where Roddy White’s brother was killed

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The James Island night club where NFL player Roddy White's half-brother was shot and killed has a history of violence.

The weekend shooting happened Saturday morning at The Lake House Club on Mosquito Beach Road just off Sol Legare Road.

Records show there have been more than 750 incidents at the Lake House Club since August of 2010.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies responded to all of the incidents listed in the 23 page report.

From August of 2010 through May 19, 2014 there have been nine incidents involving weapons.

There have been around 18 incidents of disturbances, which includes physical and domestic.

Deputies responded eight times for the possession and sale of drugs. 

The majority of the listings on the report are requests for deputies to patrol the area.

So far deputies have responded five times since the Saturday shooting of Moore.

Records show there was an incident of vandalism about an hour after that shooting. That was followed later that morning with a theft from a vehicle.

According to records, there was a follow up by deputies and two requests were made for patrols in the area Sunday and Monday.

The incident on Saturday isn't the first reported shooting.

In November of 2011, Charleston County deputies investigated a shooting at The Lake House Club.

Investigators were told security guards tried to break up a fight. During the commotion one of those guards accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun, shooting a bystander in the hip.

Someone then fired several other rounds into the crowd and the shooter got away.

No arrests have been made in the deadly shooting of Moore.

Live 5 reached out to the owner of The Lake House Club for a comment but have not been able to make contact.

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