Over a hundred pay tribute on Memorial Day in Summerville

Over a hundred pay tribute on Memorial Day in Summerville

Across the Lowcountry, on this Memorial Day, the community is paying tribute to our servicemen and women who paid with their lives to defend our country.

Summerville's Annual Memorial Day Ceremony also served as a way to educate future members of the military.

Flowers aren't the only symbol of love that line the Summerville Cemetery. Flags are everywhere.

Friends and loved ones have been coming in to put them down.

Others just simply made their way up through the cemetery, occasionally stopping to read about those who are at rest.

Under a flag lowered to half-staff, more than a hundred people of all ages gathered to show gratitude and respect.

A wreath was placed at the bottom the flag as a bag pipe player played Amazing Grace.

"It was an absolutely beautiful day here today," said Robert Besal, he was a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

The ceremony ended with a gun salute while a trumpet player played in remembrance of those who lost their lives serving our country.

"It's the one day year, and you would wish it would be more, which we pay tribute to those who gave their lives in defense of our nation," said Besal.

Besal says the message of the ceremony isn't only important to the generation of the past.

"But the next generation that will come along to understand there's a price to our freedom, there's a burden to it," said Besal.

"My family is a military family," said Kathleen Wrenn, a cadet with the Summerville High School NJROTC.

Wrenn and many of her classmates waited in line to meet the Admiral.

"I'm going to go to the Naval Academy and join the Navy," said Wrenn.

While people take away something from Memorial Day, there is a one message from those who attended the ceremony.

Army veteran Janet Chisolm-Richard said," Just remember the meaning, that it's not just a day for picnic and barbeque. Think especially of our soldiers and the families left behind for those who have deceased."

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