MUSC boasts only father-daughter team of surgeons in country

MUSC boasts only father-daughter team of surgeons in country
Published: Jun. 11, 2014 at 10:13 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 11, 2014 at 11:00 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's no other team like them in the country. Two surgeons working together at Medical University of South Carolina aren't just a team, they're family.

Dr/ Ed Kosnik has been a pediatric neurosurgeon for nearly 40 years. The father of four says he missed out on some time raising his children. It was a sacrifice he made, to save the lives of so many other children in the operating room.

"One of his patients once thanked me for giving up a little of my dad so that he could be a dad to all these other children and allow them to grow and have prosperous lives," said Libby Kosnik Infinger, daughter.

Now, he's catching up for lost time and working side-by-side his youngest daughter Libby, who is a chief resident of neurosurgery at MUSC.

"It's a pretty amazing experience," said Dr. Ed Kosnik. "Someone whose diaper you now your peer."

His daughter says she started getting interested in her dad's profession at an early age.

"When I was in second grade, the child that sat in front of me in school had surgery done on her by him," said Kosnik Infinger. "Everyday I got to look at the back of her neck, where her scar was, and that's when I kinda started asking more questions."

"I remember specifically asking her about what she thought and her answer was it looked yucky," said Kosnik.

A lot has change since those years. Kosnik said he didn't know his daughter wanted to be a doctor until she told him she was applying to medical school.

Now, they say their patients at MUSC are usually surprised to discover they're a father-daughter team.

"One of the most interesting things is the reaction that we've had here," said Kosnik. "Every person that knows we're together is just amazingly supportive, appreciative of that."

The new doctor says she takes on medicine the way she watched her father do it.

"Always treat your patients liked you'd want to be treated and like you'd treat your family," said Kosnik Infinger.

While their work can mean the matter of life or death, the pair can still find moments of lightness to poke fun at each other. The Kosnik's joke that they're bringing a whole new meaning to "Take Your Kid to Work Day."

For Father's Day, the Kosnik's say they're probably going fishing - something they love to do as a family, when they're not at the hospital.

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