Charleston County to resume electronic monitoring as bond court option

Charleston County to resume electronic monitoring as bond court option

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Circuit court judges in Charleston County will be able to specify electronic monitoring as a condition of being released on bond beginning July 1.

The county will offer the service and the necessary equipment through Georgia-based Offender Management Services, according to a memo from Judge Roger M. Young, Sr., in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court.

The monitoring of all arrestees will be conducted by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and any violations will instantly be transmitted electronically to the CCSO, Young said.

The cost to the defendant will be approximately $275 per month, which is the cost OMS charges the sheriff's office, the memo states.

The sheriff's office, Young says, not the vendor or bondsman, will then decide whether the offender be arrested for violating monitoring conditions.

The memo details how the program will work: the court will designate certain "appropriate" offenders and will determine any individual requirements. The offender will then be interviewed and enrolled by OMS, which will review the conditions of release. OMS will then setup the system including inclusion and exclusion zones and scheduling data so that immediate notifications of any violations can be sent to deputies.

OMS will also prepare affidavits on violations its equipment detects and appear and testify in court proceedings if necessary, the memo states.

Monitoring will include global position satellite (GPS) tracking that will provide immediate violation alerts as well as daily event summary reports on all offenders, Young said. The device will collect a track point every minute.

Alcohol monitoring bracelets will also be available in appropriate cases for an individual fee, Young said.

All circuit court judges and one magistrate judge, Judge James B. "Skipper" Gosnell, will be allowed to impose electronic monitoring as a condition of bond.

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